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Janneke Ivankova


Janneke is a great singing teacher. She will adjust to your needs and can explain well. Janneke is definitely recommended for regular singing lessons or preparing for an audition. *Petra Ilse Dam

Loved my lessons with Janneke. She definitely knows what she´s talking about; techniques, the lot! And felt very comfortable in lessons. *Paige Smith

It was fun and uplifting studying with Janneke. A very quick and pragmatical way to fix issues and learn songs. Much love! *Danilo Brunetti

Janneke´s approach as a teacher is kind and supportive. Her lessons are encouraging and she is enthusiastic while also being extensively knowledgeable about technique. Her lessons are enjoyable and I enjoyed learning her visual way of explaining different singing techniques. *Georgia Bergerson

Working with Janneke as a voice teacher during my time in TARZAN was extremely helpful. I made a lot of progress in a very short time. She is cool and fun! * Terry Alfaro

Janneke is a fantastic teacher – she really helped me with my breath control and accessing belt at the top of my range – we also worked on acting through song and how I should phrase my songs in my rep folder. * Justin Lee Jones

I´ve been training with Janneke since 2013 and can only say that I have had the best vocal training under her supervision. She is an amazing singer herself and relaying on her own experience and excellent teaching skills, she taught me a lot of necessary things in singing, what caused lots of improvements in my own career as a singer. If you decide to use Janneke´s singing lesson you will be in great hands. I can only recommend it cause its based on my own experience working with her. * Aleksandr Kochkin

Janneke ist eine super Gesangslehrerin. Sie ist nett und voller Energie. Durch ihre Methoden hat man schnell das Gefühl besser zu werden und man merkt schnell deutliche Veränderungen beim singen. Außerdem merkt man bei jeder Übung und bei allem was sie einem eklärt, dass sie weiß wovon sie spricht. * Chiara Vey

Janneke war die beste Gesangsdozentin an meiner JL Music School ever! Und nicht nur, dass sie das Singen toll beherrscht und vermitteln kann, sie ist darüber hinaus eine Frohnatur und immer gut gelaunt. Ich kann sie daher nur empfehlen! *Jürgen Lengerer